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If you spend a lot of time flying to foreign countries you know that hours spent in coach class can be a form of paid for torture. Most airlines coach class leg room dimensions are in the 29 inch to 34 inch range and once you take off that dimension shrinks as your cabin mate in front of you reclines his chair into your knees.

As you board the plane you normally get to walk through the first class and business class cabins and if you are like most people you feel a pang of jealousy and wish that just once you could stretch out and relax on that long over ocean flight.

The thing is you don’t have to be a business traveler to fly business class, anyone who can afford it can buy a ticket. And that’s a problem for most people who can’t afford tickets in the thousands of dollar range. Fortunately it is possible to find cheap business class international air fares to just about anywhere you wish to fly.

Here’s a little known secret. Everyday at midnight all the airlines ticketing databases are updated with the new days airfares. Here’s the secret to this secret. Everyday the airlines run specials that include highly discounted tickets for nearly all their flights, including business class. The problem is they don’t actively advertise this fact so the general public doesn’t know about them and those who do buy them up fast.

How do you get these tickets? Set your alarm and call the airlines ticketing service centers early in the morning and ask. That’s it, you have to ask what kind of deals they have going for their international business class fares and see if it fits your travel budget.

This same thinking can be used with the online travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity, These sites have deals in place with the airlines which allows them to buy up large blocks of tickets for discounted prices, which they can pass on to you. Much like the airlines databases these websites update their ticketing data around midnight and any deals or discounts are first come first serve.

Another place to look for cheap business class tickets are the less well known airlines. India Air and Iceland Air both have international flights and in many cases are able to offer savings up to 80% less then the more well known major carriers.

If you have been accumulating frequent flier miles and get enough of them you can cash those in and get a seat upgrade. If you can get what is known as an elite status on those miles this will also help you upgrade to business class. Just be sure to use your miles efficiently as possible.

Another good resource for finding cheap business class international air fares is the eBook My Airfare Secrets which outlines hundreds of tips and techniques for finding dirt cheap airplane tickets.

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Think that figuring out airfares these days is a little like being lost in a maze where no one’s even left you a clue?

Most domestic flights offer two types of service: first and full fare coach, which have very few restrictions attached. Overseas flights may also offer unrestricted business class fares. In addition, there are many other types of discounted, promotional coach fares with many restrictions and, often, route a traveler may be able to choose among several airlines offering many different flights at many different prices.

To choose among the alternatives, you must first determine your priorities. A businessperson’s priority may be to get from New York to Los Angeles in time for a luncheon on Monday, while a leisure traveler might rate budget a higher priority.

Airlines reserve some seats at full fare for business travelers who must book on short notice and cannot look for bargains. Other seats are cheaper, with the biggest bargains offered at the least traveled times and days, with minimum and maximum stay requirements, a Saturday night stay-over requirement, advance reservations and payment, and cancellation penalties from 25-100 percent.

Why do the biggest bargains always seem to be sold out? The attempt to reserve one of these super bargains is frustrating because there are limited seats on any given flight set aside at bargain rates. To complicate matters further, the airlines, in order to reap the most profits on a flight, juggle the fares, resulting in the phenomenon of a traveler being able to get a super bargain one day that wasn’t available only the day before.

Maximize your opportunities to get the most economical fares, comments one expert, by keeping the following in mind:

First and foremost be flexible. Airlines charge the most for those passengers who are the least flexible. If you must travel on short notice during peak times, you’ll pay a premium.

Book your trip as far in advance as possible. The farther ahead, the better your chances of getting one of the bargain fares.

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